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FLACC boasts professionally equipped workshops for metal- and woodworking, a digital studio, a kiln workshop for ceramics, small- format bronze and glass applications, and a multifunctional space. Moreover, the organization is aware of production facilities available externally and collaborates with workshops, schools and companies in the neighbourhood to give artists the best possible support. FLACC also has a large working space that caters for the various needs of contemporary artists and the many different forms their creativity takes. On request, external experts can be brought in to provide technical or artistic assistance and advice. Click here for a full list of facilities.

Artists can also use the facilities to produce their own work. A small charge is made for this. See Services (at the top of your screen) for further information.


Digital studio

The digital studio is equipped for digitalizing analogue photographic material, printing slides, negatives and prints, processing photographs and small or large-format prints (up to approx. 110 cm x 220 cm). There is a Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro for video editing as well as a semi-professional HDV camera.

[Ter vervanging van bovenstaande alinea]
The digital studio is equipped for digitalizing analogue material (transparencies, negatives, paper, VHS), processing photographs and small or large-format printing. There is also a wealth of audiovisual equipment (TVs, beamers, DVD players, slide projectors) to support the artist. In terms of software, our Macs are equipped for all desktop publishing (DTP) applications, FLASH animation and video editing.

You can rely on the expertise of the workshop leader for the latest image editing applications (DTP) and for making the image print-ready. It is possible to make test prints on different sorts of paper before printing the image on the paper of your choice. You can also seek free advice about your project from the workshop leader.


Kiln workshop

Used chiefly for ceramics, the kiln workshop contains two kilns (60*60*80 cm and 38*38*45 cm, both up to 1320°). The kilns are programmable and suitable for bisque and glaze firing and for firing porcelain. Various machines and tools are available for working and moulding clay and/or porcelain.

The kiln workshop also houses a sandblast cabinet, a melting/fusing oven for glass and a small bronze-casting oven.


Carpentry workshop

The carpentry workshop is fully equipped for the sawing, sanding, milling, thickness planing and deep-hole drilling of wood. In addition to the machines, the workshop has a large collection of smaller tools, as the 360° shots show, including cordless drills, handsaws, sanding machines and Domino and Lamell milling cutters.


Metal workshop

The metal workshop is suitable for a whole range of metalworking activities, such as TIG welding, semi-automatic welding and autogenous welding, and for sawing, sanding, grinding, trimming and bending metals of every description.


Multifunctional space

The 51-m2 multifunctional space can be used for painting, research, consultation and meetings. The space benefits from plenty of daylight and provides good wall space. It can also be used as a general work space.