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Chloé Dierckx - De Onbekende Invloed

What causes the differences between the predicted weather and the actual weather? Together with a class of schoolchildren, Dierckx investigated this question. During a three month-period, she set out, every school day, in search of the unknown effect that could possibly explain the difference between the predicted weather and the actual weather. Temperature, cloudiness, precipitation and humidity were meticulously measured by the children and recorded and compared to the forecast. The children reflected upon the cause of the differences, the seasons, and the weather. The project was given extra depth with a number of lessons about the weather, with fun tests and other experiments. Stimulating the imagination of the children, this activity encouraged them to try to identify the possibly unknown influences. Dierckx’ scientific approach provided the framework for the project, in this way bringing together the artistic and the scientific.

Dierckx, in her work, sets out to find ways to bring order in the Elusive, in an attempt to understand it. Statistics play an important role in creating order. In “The Story of an Air Bubble”, she creates an air bubble that is disseminated throughout the world through talks, posters, and other means of communication. The statistical processing of the data on the dissemination plays an important role. The bubble, despite all of the attention, remains a bubble, i.e., without any real value. The nominal value, however, steadily increases, expanding the bubble and in this way contributing to its uniqueness. In “Herstappe (Creating Perfect Unity)”, she performs a statistical analysis on everyday coloured objects in the eponymous village, to then create a perfect unity by painting a number of objects in a different colour. In a similar way, the readings in “The Unknown Influence” play an important role; they constitute a way through which the unknown influence can be approached, in an attempt to understand it.

Chloé Dierckx

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Thanks to Elementary School De Bladwijzer (Genk), Luc Beck, Bart Vandersmissen, Kristof Van Tricht

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