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Kristof Vrancken - 2-Inch-Riot

The work of Kristof Vrancken focuses on the fringes and non-places of society in a poetic manner. The absence of human presence is characteristic in this approach. The presence of man, however, is evoked through the visible remnants of human activity.

In '2-Inch-Riot', he abandons this approach and opts for a more research-oriented method in which the individual is rendered more present, while photographic and cinematic attitudes become increasingly more intertwined. In certain scenes, he depicts the individual’s hidden desire to change the world. Vrancken, however, eschews the grand gesture. He seeks out stories of the common man who confidently sets out to change the world. He does not realize that, in a quixotic manner, his tragic and yet comical endeavours will not lead anywhere.

'2-Inch-Riot' will consist of five or so movie scenes that treat serious themes in a humorous way. A number of scenes have already been shot, the rest will be filmed in the coming months.

Rethinking artistic social interventions

On 29 March, in the frame of Kristof Vrancken’s “2-inch-riot” project, FLACC and Mad-Faculty organize a symposium on the role of the artist in the process of identifying and calling into question matters pertaining to injustice, social inequities and societal structures. This discussion aims to stimulate students into a critical approach to society and the way in which art can – to some extent – change the world, or at least provoke some level of reflection.

Organised with the support of STROOM, the cultural grant of the province of Limburg for promising talent.

Location: Mad Faculty, C-Mine 5, 3600, Genk

Registration: apply via (0032 494 60 90 25)
Participation is free, registration required.

Language: English

Programme: 1:00 – 4:30 p.m.

1:00 p.m.: Maryam Jafri

Maryam Jafri works in media such as photography, video, text and performance. She works in a very research-oriented manner, producing elaborate video and photo installations. In these works she combines specific temporal and cultural areas. Throughout her work process, she utilises a variety of narrative forms, consciously adding fictional elements to documentary archival material. Her work hovers between film and theatre, fact and fiction, historical models and subjective adjustments. Maryam Jafri was born in Pakistan in 1972. She lives and works in Copenhagen and New York. Her film “Avalon” deals with processes that are formed in the global economy.

2:00 p.m.: Nikita Kadan

Nikita Kadan was born in 1982 in Kiev, Ukraine, a country that until 1991 was entirely dominated by the Soviet regime and that, in as recent as 2004, went through the upheaval of the Orange Revolution over allegedly falsified elections. The turbulent social context of Kiev and the Ukraine determines the artistic practice of Nikita Kadan as an artist, writer and activist to this day. Through intellectual reflection, art historical referencing (such as his Suprematist-like compositions) and social engagement, Nikita Kadan creates a personal perspective on the socio-political landscape of the Ukraine and the former Soviet region. Kadan addresses complex issues and undiscussable topics, but never in a brutal, shocking manner. The artist aims to create a cognitive effect that will ultimately foster freedom to act.

3:00 p.m.: break

3:15 p.m.: Roland Patteeuw

Roland Patteeuw (b.1945, Rumbeke) is one of the pioneers of contemporary art in our country, but his role has remained largely unrecognised. From 1968 onward, far removed from any official institutions and organizations, Roland Patteeuw organized a series of high-profile exhibitions with artists such as Roger Raveel, Raoul De Keyser and Dan Van Severen. Roland Patteeuw is known as a strong individualist who follows his own highly individual course. This led, among other things, to the creation of his renowned Kunsthalle Lophem in 1993. In the late ‘60s, Roland Patteeuw started a career as an art critic and teacher of contemporary art.

4:15 p.m.: Question round / discussion

4:30 p.m.: End

Kristof Vrancken



With the support of STROOM, a culture funding for promising talent of the province Limburg

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