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Artists village

21-25 augustus 2012

For one week (August 21st – 25th) a group of about 25 artists will be given the opportunity to join the Artist Village, organised in C-mine Genk (BE), neighboring Manifesta 9.  This gathering, where young artists from all over the world discuss their artwork with professionals of the international art scene, has by now become a WARP tradition. The 25 selected artists aged under 35 will have a captivating opportunity to reflect on their art in a professional environment. The interaction with curators, art critics, museum directors, collectors and established artists from New York to Beijing and from Toronto to Cape Town, as well as with other participating artists, is an unique starting point to further develop their professional art career.  The evening activities, including dinners, lectures and concerts, will be open to everyone who would like to meet with the artists and commentators.

On August 25th, a Meet & Greet Day  will be organised for young artists from Limburg and the Euregion Maas-Rhine (the three-nation region around Liège, Maastricht and Aachen), in parallel to the WARP Artist Village. We will end this last day with an astounding WARP-ART-PARTY and the development of a true tent village.
Artist until 35 years old can submit their portfolio until June 8th, 2012.

Artists village

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