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Nilsson Pflugfelder, Verbandkammer

Nilsson Pflugfelder has a thing about archives and he is particularly interested in the question of how we can prevent virtual and physical knowledge from falling into oblivion by turning it into something visible and productive. In this installation/presentation Nilsson Pflugfelder investigates the uniqueness and essence of FLACC from its archives and presents his findings by means of a selection of projects mounted by the workplace for artists over the years. The archive, and the future of the project, needs to be turned into an instrument that converts information about FLACC into an active, useable form. More info

Nilsson Pflugfelder, Verbandkammer

Obsessed with archives, Nilsson Pflugfelder has a special interest in finding ways to make sure that virtual and physical knowledge can be transformed into something visible and productive and saved from oblivion.
His Verbandkammer aims to be a productive, contemporary vehicle for securing FLACC’s accumulated body of knowledge, generated by workplace and other projects. It formalises and opens up the archive, converting it from passively stored information to an actively accessible resource.

Manifesta takes the project a step further by starting from this resource to create a presentation that reflects FLACC’s essence, distinctness and diversity. To achieve this, Nilsson Pflugfelder has chosen to employ a functional sculpture combining the concept of a mystic wunderkammer with an archiving function to bring about his Verbandkammer.

After Manifesta, the Verbandkammer is to act as a self-reflective, critical feedback loop that contributes to FLACC’s ongoing development by providing continuous background information. This means the archive will metamorphose into FLACC’s autobiographical (self-)conscience. By becoming actively accessible, the archive will acquire the additional function of serving as an interface between the collected material and knowledge and the user. More info

Nilsson Pflugfelder

The Verbandkammer

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