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Ronny Heiremans en Katleen Vermeir - The Residence

The project “The residence” is on show in Argos (Brussels) from 29 januari t/m 1 April 2012.
Parallel met deze videoinstallatie presenteren Heiremans en Vermeir “The Residence (reading room)” in Extra City's project space van 3 februari t/m 1 april.
More info The residence – Argos
More info The residence (reading room) – Extra City

The Residence is a production of Limited Editions vzw supported by Flanders Audiovisual Fund and the Flemish Community. Coproduction: Argos (Brussels), C-Mine (Genk), Cultuurcentrum (Bruges), deBuren (Brussels), Extra City Kunsthal (Antwerp), FLACC (Genk), Manifesta 9 Limburg (Genk) and Triodos Fonds. Research support: artist residencies TIM (Beijing), CEAC (Xiamen).

Ronny Heiremans, Katleen Vermeir

The Residence

During a 6-month residency in Xiamen and Bejing, China, Katleen Vermeir and Ronny Heiremans started researching a new video project. It would focus on the artist as entrepreneur, set against a globalized society that qualifies economy as the ultimate measure of things, as project backdrop.


in collaboration with
Ma Wen, and Justin Bennett, Amir Borenstein, Mieja Hollevoet, Karlijn Sileghem, Wim van der Grijn

Limited Editions vzw

Supported by
VAF (Filmlab), Flemish Ministery of Culture, Argos (Brussels), C-Mine (Genk), CC Bruges, Extra City (Antwerp), FLACC (Genk), Triodos Bank (Brussel)

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