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Mike Carremans, Tom Vansant, Jan Mast, Hilke Muyldermans, Jo Foulon, Frederik van Simaey, Jochem Vanden Ecker & Helena Sidiropoulos, HAP (Wim Waelput, Piet Mertens & Jens De Schutter), Micha Volders & Lotte Vanhamel

The Children's Art Factory is a project that is organised by Cultuurcentrum Genk and FLACC every year. This year the artists use an approach that enters into the children’s' own surroundings and daily reality. They may hold a mirror up in a very radical and direct way, or may lodge in our daily lives in a discrete and subtle manner. As usual, it will not be the preconceived purpose to create a work of art, but a means to speak, think and learn about art and living.
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