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Lecture Hector Zamora

Unlike most projects FLACC sets up, Hector Zamora (1974, Mexico City, Mexico) has been selected to leave behind a permanent trace in the city. FLACC and the city of Genk have given Zamora the assignment of creating a permanent intervention in C-Mine in 2008. The former colliery site in Winterslag is currently in scaffolding, as not long ago the decision was taken to transform it into a site for cultural activities, tourism and creative economy. In earlier projects like ''Paracaidista' at the 'Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil' (Mexico City) and 'Subtraction/Addition' in the 'Antioquia Museum of Art', Medellín (Colombia) Zamora forged societal bridges between the institutes and their immediate surroundings. In Genk Zamora also intends to start a dialogue between the refurbished colliery site and the multicoloured Vennestraat. The artist continually creates three-dimensional experiences based on geometrical structures. The functionality of space and current economic considerations are guiding principles in his work. In 2006 work by Hector Zamora was presented at the Biennales of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Busan (South Korea) and Havana (Cuba). A lecture by the Mexican artist on his recent work, his proposal for Genk and a presentation of his publication 'Paracaidista' will take place on Saturday 8 December at 20.00 hours in FLACC. The project is financially supported by the department of Culture and the department of Economie/Stedenfonds of the city of Genk, Studio Pieter Stockmans and the Vlaamse Bouwmeester.
Lecture Hector Zamora
Saturday 8 December 2007 at 20.00 hours

Hector Zamora - intervention

T The audience will gather in FLACC and will be brought to the base of the 'terril', the slag heap of Winterslag coal mine. From there they are going to walk to the hilltop for a picnic. There will be snacks and refreshments and the artist is going to amplify his preliminary studies and take on a few form exercises with the participants. Some light physical labour may be involved. Please confirm your presence beforehand at

Sunday 7 September 2008 16.00 hours
FLACC – Casino Modern

Hector Zamora

Key to this project is the universal fact of how people in a simple way and with the means available use a mountain to communicate with their surroundings. To illustrate this the artist collected photos and satellite images from all over the world, of monumental declarations of love, of political messages and retail advertising, painted or laid in stones.


The project is realised with the support of the Department of Culture and Department of Economy of the city of Genk, Stockmansblauw and Vlaams Bouwmeester.

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