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Anne Wenzel

In the beginning of September Anne Wenzel (1972, Schüttorf, Germany) will start to work on a new installation in FLACC. Having created a series of characteristic landscapes, she now focuses on the construction of an apocalyptic interior scene. Wenzel's work evokes the atmosphere of German Romanticism. Disaster scenes with fractured trees, car wrecks torn apart and underwater ruins are searching for a field of tension between aesthetics and drama. From a technical point of view the artist purposefully chooses a subversive application of traditional techniques. In the past Wenzel used materials like clay and porcelain, but also synthetic resin and polyester. In FLACC the artist will begin to explore the possibilities of metal and plastic.
The result of her work in FLACC will be shown in Kunstvereniging Diepenheim at the end of this year and in Stedelijk Museum SM'S in 's Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands) in 2008. Anne Wenzel has shown her work in Sammlung Essl (Austria), Buro Leewarden (the Netherlands), The Agency (London), OneTwenty Gallery (Belgium) and in Witte de With (Rotterdam), as she had been nominated for the Prix de Rome 2007. On Saturday 29 September Anne Wenzel will talk about the results of her work in FLACC. Background information can be found at

Presentation Anne Wenzel
Saturday 29 September 2007, 20.00 hours in FLACC

Anne Wenzel


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