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As part of the future workplace policy, the present exhibition space at Casino Modern in Genk will be given a few additional functions and will be rearranged. FLACC chose the interior architect and exhibition designer Ann Clicteur (1964, Ostend) to set up her own full-scale workspace project on this basis. As a sparring partner she invited the artist Paul Casaer (1967, Brussels) to help her think it out. The exhibition hall is being converted into a workspace, in the broadest sense of the term: a place where artists can reflect, model, present, communicate, etc. Clicteur and Casaer want above all to respond to the wide range of needs and forms in contemporary art and its production. They are also exploring the possibility of working in several media, scales and light situations. At the end of September this duo will launch a handbook in which they will introduce a series of virtual and utopian configurations to the public. This workplace project is at the same time the start of the step-by-step completion of a broader project.

Paul Casaer, Ann Clicteur

Head and Shoulders

As a part of the new workplace policy, the FLACC's current exhibition space is getting several new functions as well as a new layout. FLACC selected interior designer Ann Clicteur (b. 1964, Ostend ) to set up a complete workplace project of her own here, based on this starting point. As her sparring partner, she invited the artist Paul Casaer (b. 1967, Brussels) to think along with her.
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