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Hannelore Van Dijck

Four Flags, 2012, Charcoal and fabric paint on textile, Verksmiðjan, Hjalteyri (IS)
Photo: Mariana Frandsen
Untitled, 2013, Charcoal on paper, 20,9 × 29,7 cm
Charcoal on tracing paper, Site-specific installation, Fondation Fiminco, Paris (FR), Photo: Frederic Bourgeois
Belgian artist and draughtswoman Hannelore Van Dijck (Wuustwezel, °1986) produces minute and textured drawings that often cover entire surfaces, whether they be walls, floors, sheets of paper, or textiles. When drawing, she looks at the exterior layer of objects and materials in search of their tactile qualities, their underlying structures that define how light is reflected and the spatial character of the plane. In silenced compositions she explores the relationship between the detail and the whole. She shifts perceptions of intimate closeness and distance; of abstraction and reality; of a complete picture and the microscopic detail.

With her room filling drawings she tries to create a new type of space within the space and thereby interpret the original architecture or history of the site. Indoors, the closed room frames the drawing. Walls, floor and ceiling hold it in place. At FLACC she will look outdoors and try to find out how to relate to an open space and constant movement.