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Antonio Vega Macotela

Antonio Vega Macotela's work is of a multidisciplinary nature and designed to be carried out with communities and in specific places. Through his work the artist explores the notions of work, value and exchange, specifically with regard to the system through which social relations are established and negotiated. It also refers to alienation in economic systems and their social structures. Vega Macotela uses art as a tool for change and the re-meaning of the everyday life, as well as to re-contextualize it.

The artist is interested in the processes of creation, the interactions, negotiations and collaborations that these involve and which he places as his point of focus. His work is located at the intersection of several equivalence chains that connect work and artistic practice within a single economy, participating in prolonged temporalities.

The work of Vega Macotela creates a territory in witch we can talk about economy as a system that creates representations and interactions. In personal terms of the artist “art is significant, it is symbolic. The actions that affect society are also symbolic and the work of the artist lies in working with those symbols and those meanings. It is about expanding wills and generating possibilities to see and think”.