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Joep Vossebeld

Artist and curator Joep Vossebeld (1989) is intrigued by the absurdity of our daily lives. He transforms what he sees and experiences into exhibitions, installations and books. These arrangements of self-made children's toys, found stones, texts and unearthed utensils from other times shape a personal landscape. With the necessary irony, guide Joep Vossebeld invites the viewer to wander around in this playground and find the path from story to history.

Many of Joep's projects arise through collaborations with artists, writers and musicians. He has, for example, been working with Charlotte Lagro and Chaim van Luit since 2011 under the name Studio Oneindigheid (Studio Infinity) and since 2014 he is active in the artists' initiative B32 in Maastricht. During his work period at FLACC, he immerses himself in the archive of artist Ine Schröder (1951-2014) in order to revive her disappeared oeuvre through a 'posthumous collaboration'. In collaboration with curator Paula van den Bosch, an exhibition on Ine Schröder will be realized at the Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht in 2019.