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Chloë Delanghe

Minnebrieven - WIELS project room 2016
Videostill from - Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part Two, 2016
Videostill - Gestures, 2015
Chloë Delanghe’s practice consists mainly out of photography and film. The images she makes stem mostly from her immediate environment, continually searching for a sense of tenderness and complexity. She often combines generic modes of photography and confronts them with images that are charged with a mystical approach to the capabilities of photography. What does intimate photography generate and can we conceptualise it without losing it’s closeness? It is through approaching a subject from a distance that a sense of real proximity is reached, which transcends the triviality of being close or intimate in the literal sense. The tenderness and love of distance.

A theme that is often frequented in the work is portraiture, along with the problematic accord between the positions of the sitter and the artist. She approaches the problematics of this subject by showing it’s limitations. What these singular objects and people have in common and what links them directly, is not always immediately apparent. Rather, through a manner of association, connections are found.