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Aslan Gaisumov

Volga, Color video, 04.11 min, Chechnya, 2015, Courtesy of the artist and Kromus+Zink Gallery
In response to the historical fate of his nation (not least the two Chechen Wars of 1994-2009), Aslan Gaisumov is developing an oeuvre that feeds on, but also transforms and transcends, personal and collective memory. His works are poised between visual immediacy and social commentary. They are mostly videos and installations incorporating found and purposely crafted objects.

Gaisumov is loyal to the culture he was born into, but also willing and able to formulate his own stance towards it. He doesn’t shy away from big difficult topics such as History, Culture and Identity, but neither does he allow them to eclipse his criticality and quest for the aesthetically convincing.

He studied in Moscow, at the Moscow College of Design and the Institute of Contemporary Art, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Russia and internationally, notably the 3rd Moscow Biennale for Young Art in 2012, the 5th Moscow Biennale in 2013, two collateral exhibitions for Manifesta 10 in Saint Petersburg in 2014 and Glasstress Gotika, a collateral exhibition for the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015. In 2014, Gaisumov was awarded the Special Prize of the Future Generation Art Prize of the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kiev, the Ukraine. He is represented by KROMUS + ZINK Gallery, Berlin. Gaisumov is a participating artist at HISK, Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Ghent in 2016-2017.