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Tianji Zhao

Pseudomorph, 2011
Mountains and Roads, 2013
Straw Hat, 2013
String, 2013
Tianji Zhao is based in Beijing, currently travels between Beijing and Amsterdam. She received her MA in fine arts from Mahku (Utrecht, The Netherlands) in 2011. The immediate palpable surroundings, both physical and phenomenal, are the main driving sources of her works. Fragile and impermanent materials allow the potentialities of subtle transformations to arise and take over, which in return demonstrates the erratic nature of the living. From the labyrinth of Beijing hutongs to vast open terrains, the seemingly organic elements of the installations and situations speak a local tongue, touching on human behaviors and longings, cultural codes and gestures. She also organizes an ongoing project Sayizheng, a series of one-day/night group exhibitions in Beijing’s public space, where objects of art enter everyday contexts, and the artistic language is challenged in conversing with a real world audience.