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Zoro Feigl

In Zoro Feigl’s body of work, everything is in motion. Machines that crack and wheeze without clear purpose. They put an endless green snake in motion or make a red cloth spin around irregularly. They seem like living organisms that operate, each at their own pace. They live and dance and sometimes get entangled within themselves. They engage in mutual connections and create their own world, in which each “organism” seems to have its own place and function. Always seeking the breadth of their own limitations, to then break through their boundaries in creaking fashion.

Despite taking the machine as its focus, the work of Feigl does not hint at or glorify a machine aesthetic. Zoro's work is born out of a fascination with movement. Zoro divides the world around him into small pieces, and translates each piece and every movement into a work that becomes part of a broad study in understanding the world. Complex movements are analysed and translated into constant repetitive forms.