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Kilian Kretschmer

Kilian Kretschmer was raised in Kassel (DE) and studied media art in Karlsruhe (DE). Thanks to his father, who studied art there, he understood early on that art is about making art. His genre is performance and video art. He likes standing in front of an audience, even if he sometimes needs to escape after a show. He has always been shy but he is really rewarded being in front of an audience.

Kilian Kretschmer is motivated to map out the borders between reality and the virtual. He connects both fields using synchronization and comparisons. With his performances and installations, he engages with the issue of transferring cinematic and virtual actions into reality. He brings up the questions of what is left behind, where the differences lie, and what the consequences of a direct transmission are.

The boundary between reality and the virtual world which in his work SUPERPOSITION is literally represented by a wall, also connects the two fields. The difference and the similarity between borders and connections is something that he deals with in many of his works. He tries to create a sense of them by generating equal proportions of time-based and spatially-orientated properties in his art. He also likes to follow a sense of balance.

Augmented reality, virtual reality and digital signage accompany us in everyday life. The technical developments behind these fields allow the borders between virtual and reality to blur. In his art, his priority is the emotional realisation of the positive and negative effects of this progress.