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Enrique Ramirez

Horizon, videoinstallation, filmstill, 2009
Ramirez (Chili, 1979) work observes the History of the cities and stories of people who lives in these cities, especially the relation between History and Memory. Every piece of work he makes starts by questions. These questions are reflected in the different works he has done in different media: photos, video installations, film, web site, etc. He works with two central elements: an object that is directly related to the concept he is interested in and a projection with sequences of images on this object. he actualizes and contextualizes the object making it dynamic with the movement that comes from the images and also creating correspondences between the different elements of the work. His interests is always an art work that is close to people. He has been working on using film and performance to realize social and political work but at the same time, creating different fiction narratives likes installations, films and photos.

“For me, cinema has a virtue... we turn off the lights and we can dream... as soon as we turn these lights on again we have a lot of questions... we can find these questions in the story. We live in a connected world that instantaneously can give us almost all the information we want. This is exactly what I don't want in my work, I want questions.” Enrique Ramirez.