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Anne Lass

Anne Lass, Untitled, Potsdam, 2009, 80×99cm
Anne Lass is an artist working with photography. Especially in the urban cityscapes, she finds the conflict areas that influences her images: conflicts of functionalism and individual development, the association with nature, the concourse of construction and vastness and, last but not least, to human interaction. She studied communication design at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Folkwang Hochschule), including courses in documentary photography with Jörg Sasse. Since 2004, her photographs have been shown regularly in solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Australia, USA and Asia. She lives in Berlin.
Anne Lass, Untitled, Chicago, 2008, 80×99 cm

Anne Lass, Untitled, Chicago, 2007, 80×99 cm