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Kathrin Sonntag

In her work, Kathrin Sonntag (1981, Berlin) meticulously analyses everyday life. She is fascinated by slight shifts in the perception of familiar objects and situations creating ambiguity and wonder. Her installations are precisely constructed and consist of objects, drawings, photographs and films. She combines both abstract and concrete elements and strips accessories, such as glasses, tables and chairs of their domestic connotation. Her work is a study of the nature of things. It creates an ambiguous framework of the familiar and the unfamiliar. In the course of the year she travelled to Transylvania to gather footage for her film-essay "Dracula's Ghost" exploring the impact of the Dracula myth on today's Romania.
Sonntag graduated two years ago at the University of the Arts, Berlin. Recently she exhibited in White Light - Düsseldorf, Kunstverein Nürnberg and at Frieze Art Fair. The artist stayed for three month in FLACC, developing new works and editing "Dracula's Ghost" that will be screened on the 2 November 2008. During the day the visitors are invited to meet the artist in the studio, see other work and have some tea and cake.