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Sue de Beer

march 2007
In March, Sue de Beer(1973, Massachusetts) will shoot her movie 'the Bauhaus' in the Waterschei mine buildings in Genk. The American film maker lives in New York and Berlin and recently showed her work at the Whitney Biennale and P.S.1/Moma in New York and in Kunst-Werke Berlin. This psychedelic historical film is set at the end of the First World War and is about the Bauhaus Institute and its role in the German revolution. 'the Bauhaus' lasts thirty minutes and will be shown in Los Angeles, Antwerp and Berlin at the end of this year. FLACC is coordinating the process and a private collector will provide financial support. The last evening of the shooting, on Wednesday 28 March, Sue de Beer will give a lecture on 'the Bauhaus' supported by set registrations and stills in FLACC.