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Antonio Vega Macotela Incendio
Daniel Frota de Abreu
Stef Renard The Groupies
Elodie Seguin
Joep Vossebeld Uncorrected Proof / een postume samenwerking
William Ludwig Lutgens PLEASE PLAY BY THE RULES
Ariane Loze
CJ Mahony
Sarah Hermans Pingpong


Call for Applications

The call is open for all visual artists. Due to the diversity of our workshops, the application is open for projects in various media and disciplines. Projects with interest in artistic labour, challenging the notion of a 'workplace' or with a focus on experiment are preferable. The work period is three-month full time or around 90 days, divided in several smaller work periods between February 2021 and December 2021. FLACC offers an accommodation, a workplace, covered travel expenses as well as a small production budget.
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A new house for FLACC and CIAP

In the coming years, CIAP (Hasselt) and FLACC aim to jointly build a new future on the C-mine site (Genk) with a new infrastructure that is to become the home for both organisations. C-mine is a former mining site that was renovated in 2010; today it is a dynamic place for culture, art, architecture, education, science, research and technology. It is in this location and on the basis of a strong level of cooperation that both organisations will build – and the term building can be taken quite literally in this instance – their new infrastructure in the coming years. CIAP, FLACC and the City of Genk are therefore pleased to announce that the architectural offices 51n4e (Brussels) and Point Supreme (Athens) have submitted the winning design for the new building. The Belgian-Greek duo succeeded in convincing the jury with a design that consists of 4 sustainable buildings that create a stimulating, flexible and innovative working environment. The proposal incorporates the individual character of the site, but also makes bold statements about the future. The new building is to become a home for artists: either in residence or visiting, on the eve of a breakthrough or with heaps of experience, or with a need for repose or a desire to produce, reflect or experiment. We hope it will also be a place where you will feel at home. The estimated time of completion is currently set for the spring of 2023.