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Marthe Van Dessel bolwerK

bolwerK is a non-exclusive and temporal constellation that has been initiating, mediating, facilitating, curating and appropriating local and international projects since 1998. Its 'open' network is the basis for collaborations and for inspiring internal and external group dynamics concerning relevant issues. bolwerK believes that art is the ideal context for thoughts and reflection. Art creates a meta-layer, a framework for questioning social, economical, cultural and political issues and values.

Gatherings, walks, workshops, exhibitions, cinema and performative happenings, zines, radio shows, websites, ... Social environments are created, not for streamlining ideas, but in order to formulate shared/common questions and hence feed a sense of communality. The idea is to each time again create a toolkit in collaboration in order to externalize these questions and by doing so
to reinforce the group and the individual. 'Open source' is a philosophy not a pragmatic methodology to externalize these questions.