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FLACC in operation

As a workplace for visual artists, FLACC creates the organizational, technical and artistic conditions for the realization of unique artistic projects. To this end every year the organization selects a maximum of eight artists – from Belgium and abroad, young and experienced – to set up a new project whereby they can make unlimited use of our extensive facilities (kiln, carpentry and metal workshops and digital studio) and receive full organizational and artistic support during the preparation and realization of that project. FLACC makes an appropriate budget available for each of these projects.

FLACC also works receptively, i.e. having submitted a project proposal, other artists can work at FLACC. Furthermore, professional artists can rent the workshops and facilities.

FLACC favours projects that focus on the specific geographical, cultural, social or historical situation of Genk/Belgium/the Euregio, as well as on projects which specifically require the use of FLACC’s facilities and which make a clear contribution to the national or international arts scene.

Where necessary, partnerships with other organizations or individuals can be arranged for each of the artists’ projects so as to provide support on a technical, practical and artistic level.
As a result of many years’ experience of setting up and leading one-off artists’ projects, FLACC now boasts a wide and diverse network, ranging from centres of culture to youth organizations, from companies to local representatives of minorities, from technical experts in metal, ceramics or wood to professionals in the field of local history or geology. Where we lack the necessary technical expertise ourselves, we seek the help of local companies or individual experts to progress the project. This, together with our facilities, makes FLACC an enviable, nationally and internationally-recognized work and meeting place. It also gives the artists the opportunity to expand their professional network and to establish partnerships which will continue even after the end of the work period.

FLACC is receptive to working with other cultural parties in Belgium and abroad. Much is done to raise awareness of FLACC projects and to offer opportunities to young artists or students from an art academy.

FLACC works structurally with the Frans Masereel Centre (Kasterlee) and the Jan van Eyck Academy (Maastricht) in terms of making facilities available, research and supporting projects which develop within the institutions’ programme. Workshop facilities and technical expertise are collectively deployed to carry productions through to completion. The Jan van Eyck Academy allows our artists to use its library and documentation centre free of charge.

To support and reinforce its artistic activities, FLACC is backed up by an artistic committee.