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Antonio Vega Macotela

The exhibition Incendio by Antonio Vega Macotela opens at CIAP (Hasselt) on Saturday October 5th. The project and the presentation are a collaboration between CIAP and FLACC, and form part of the Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk (Hasselt-Genk City Triennial). Incendio is a new chapter in the long-term project The Q'aquchas Ballade by Antonio Vega Macotela. The project explores the figure of a 'hacker' as an agent of political and social disruption, at a time when information constitutes the most valuable source of intelligence.

The series of tapestries shown at CIAP draws a parallel between the hacker group Nos del Abismo and the Q'aquchas, a gang of pirate miners who worked in the Bolivian mines in the 18th century when legitimate miners were obliged to rest. Whether extracting silver or mining data, both groups successfully use loopholes to undermine existing power structures and 'hack' the system.

Antonio Vega Macotela (b. 1980) is a multidisciplinary artist based between Mexico and Amsterdam, whose works have been exhibited internationally, most recently at Documenta 14 in Kassel, Germany and at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA.

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Antonio Vega Macotela



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