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Grzegorz Klaman

A Subjective Bus Line

This summer FLACC in Genk and Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdansk come together as partners for A Subjective Bus Line, a project by visual artist Grzegorz Klaman. A Subjective Bus Line in the Belgian former mine city of Genk will run during Manifesta 9. Simultaneously a Line will be hold on the grounds of the former Gdansk Shipyard in Poland during Alternativa. A Subjective Bus Line (Genk) is a Parallel Event for Manifesta 9.

The project has the form of a regular guided bus tour. The guides are former miners who give us not professionalized but deeply private insight that encourages immediate responses. The Line is an answer to the urgency to embrace hidden voices that never become a central narrative. The project gives a unique inside to the premises of these historically loaded industrial sites. The project aims to extract the muted voice, the echo, impressions, whispers, fragments of reminiscences and accounts, and to write them into the current situation and the space of the place by adding the personal stories of former mine workers to the official history of Genk and Limburg.

The bus tour starts at the former mine building of Waterschei, now the Manifesta 9 venue, and takes 2 hours. The tour includes several important mine sites, such as the Cités (residential garden city’s), slag heaps and industrial sites. Jointly the guides and the visitors will select the places to be visited.

The guides include:
Ludwig Tankowski
Former mine worker and witness of the strikes at the Zwartberg mine in 1966. Due to an accident Ludwig was trapped for 72 hours in a mine. He learned to speak seven languages by listening to audiotapes and used his language skills to make a career in the mines.

Frans Novak
Son of a miner and chairman of the Genker Slovenian organization Nas Dom. He tells about the life of his father, how the mines influenced his life and how his parents worked hard so he doesn’t need to work in the mines.

During Manifesta 9 an installation by Grzegorz Klaman will be on display at FLACC, consisting of interviews with former mineworkers telling about the mines and its influence on their lives. The setting is an old locker, where personal life and labour come together.

The tours in Genk will be in Dutch and English, and on request in German, French, Italian or Polish and run from 31 May till 30 August 2012.
The departures are every Friday at 12.30 and Saturday at 15.00 (other dates and times on request).
Additional departures during opening weekend Manifesta9:
Thursday 31 May at 15.00, Friday 1 June at 14.30, Saturday 2 June and Sunday 3 June at 13.00 and 15.00
Individual: € 5 per person
Group of 20 persons: € 85/20 persons + € 2.5 per extra person
You may get on the bus on the scene. But for a certain seat you can make reservationsvia or 3211603019.

Grzegorz Klaman

A Subjective Bus Line


In collaboration with
Het Vervolg Vzw (BE)
Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdansk (PL) on conjunction with Alternativa International Visual Arts Festival in Gdansk
Mijnmuseum in Beringen

With support of
Meta VZW. Meta is the Flemish heritage organization for vintage tramcars and busses.

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