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Renato Nicolodi

pulpitum I, 2011
Black concreet, 55 × 45 × 180 cm
courtesy: Ron Mandos gallery
In a bid to develop talent and create opportunities, over the next few years FLACC will be supporting promising young artists for periods of more than a year. This support will consist of setting up one or more projects, expanding the artist’s network and developing his or her theoretical framework.

Renato Nicolodi is the first artist to benefit from FLACC’s support as part of this scheme. His visual work is characterized by the use of an archetypal artistic idiom which results in concrete architectonic sculptures made to scale, fictitiously simulated images and acrylic drawings which take a look at the past and the present in relation to time and space. The spectator is invited to mentally enter the void -which is sometimes presented as a black, inadequate space - from the collective memory and to try and identify the context. FLACC has invited Renato Nicolodi to reflect on his artistic career path to date. The idea is to form a theoretic framework around the numerous cultural-historical references which occur in his work. With the support of ‘Stroom’, a grant awarded by the Province of Limburg for the development of talent, FLACC and the artist go in search of a team of coaches, consisting of theoreticians, architects and artists who are closely involved in the study. The result of this study, which will manifest itself mainly through discussions and the writing and exchanging of textual material, will provide a lasting and structured basis on which the artist can continue to build in the future.

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Renato Nicolodi


With the support of STROOM, the cultural grant for promising talent in the province of Limburg

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