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Enrique Ramirez


TAFEL is based on two tables halved in four ideas, four questions and four records.
TAFEL is a project that takes a journey and an imaginary conversation
between two of the main Belgian cultures :Wallon and flamand. Based on interviews, a series of photos, video and installation, the project seeks to illustrate, an object like a table, those cultural differences, and social policies that are often incomprehensible. MESA is an excuse to take up these questions and reflect on some differences and separations invisible.
For this work he has created an object composed of the halves of two tables, which refer to two places and exemplify a forced union of elements from physically similarity but culturally distinct. This union is given by the ice, an element that is characterized by its fragility and instability both exhausted to stay alive. Only the "cold" means to keep alive the desire for such union, a union that does not stand alone ... The differences and similarities between two worlds, two languages, a place that bears a single name, but which is divided with walls that do not see a place that is held on the same foundation but is separated by a fissure. MESA is the image of the traditions and histories overload to which we are subjected. MESA is also the progression of disease and
Voiceless images have no memory, no pictures memories are history. We live in an imaginary full of signs required and / or forgotten, we create divisions from the invisible, of what we can not see or touch, those walls imposed by our cultures, our languages, our ancestors, our desires and forgetfulness. The world is always going ...and we with it. The table is built on a perfect balance, but when cut in two it cannot stand by itself, loses its stability, like us, our cultures and our countries.
The word 'table' comes from the Latin word 'Mensa'. The table is one of the key elements within a home, is a symbol of assembly, of coexistence, the faces look face to face, but also a symbol to initiate a discussion, for waiting, listening, creating a wall between the two.


Enrique Ramirez


Sergej Titov is 1 of the 6 artists, in the framework of the exhibition and workplace program of Transit, who were selected for a workplaceproject at FLACC.


Emaf, Osnabrück Duitsland
Vidéoformes, Clermont-Ferrand Frankrijk
Funding: EU-programme CULTURE

We would like to thank for there participation:

Politicians and there assistants
Herman De Croo
Bert Anciaux
Eric van Rompuy
Isabelle Durant

Political scientist
Herman Matthijs

Brice Morel

Special effects
Juliette Hamon

André Bertels
Charlotte van Wouwe

Voice over
Charlotte van Wouwe

Alfredo Ibarra

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