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Kaleb De Groot, Roosje Klap

'Black Thesaurus', Xiamen, China, 2011
photo: Roosje Klap

Following on from STADT I+II (Berlin, 2003), Exquisite Gunpowder City 16 Shot (Xiamen, 2008) and Revisit Exquisit (Amsterdam, 2010), Roosje Klap and Kaleb de Groot have begun work on a new joint project during their work period at FLACC. They regard their previous cooperation as nutriment which still feeds and influences their artistic development.

So far their work period at FLACC has been characterized by a broad area of exploration, which should result in one or more works. Along the way they have analyzed a wide range of facts and other information, investigated links and distilled them to the essence. Among other things, they have studied the way the nineteenth-century Ghent painter Emile van Doren used colour, Steampunk, the cosmos, the area’s mining history and Italian folk music. Each sets about doing this from his or her own artistic practice, but to ensure that the two projects come together upon completion they are in constant dialogue.

Kaleb De Groot, Roosje Klap


Kaleb de Groot en Roosje Klap wish to thank Nina Thibo for her story ‘The Room That is Oozing Oil’, p. 53-57 that was written especially for the occasion of this publication and based on the artists’ research for FLACC.
The work ‘Black Thesaurus’ was made with the generous support of BKVB Fund, the Netherlands and the CEAC, China. It was first published with the artist book ‘Exquisit Gunpowder City 16 Shots’ Revolver publishers, Frankfurt in 2008.

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