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Lara Mennes

Capturing the Sensible – Memories in Architecture, color series, 2010
Capturing the Sensible – Memories in Architecture is a search for memoirs in architecture. This project is about the at first sight unimportant elements, forgotten layers of meaning within empty buildings. Those elements will disappear when the building will be refurbished or demolished. But these are also the elements that show us time gone by and the human activity which used to be present in this architecture. These memories specific to a building, can lead to different meanings and different points in time. First there is the architecture itself which echoes the original purpose of the building and the time in which it was build. The adaptations to the architecture point at a shift in the use of the building. The forgotten artifacts that can be found reference both the past activity and the personal human presence. And then there are also those elements which are usually defined as waste: dust, broken glass, cracks in the ceilings, paint peeling off the walls, these are all elements which refer to a certain length of time. In this project, I tried to capture the sensible. By doing this, time is suspended in these images, there is a stillness in what is seen here but also a presence of the length of time that had to pass to create what is seen in the images.

Lara Mennes

With the project Capturing the Sensible - Memories in Architecture Prix Jeune Peinture Belge 2009 winner Lara Mennes is looking for memories in architecture.


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