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Rudi Knoops - Dioramatized #2

As part of the Divine Sounds exhibition, Museum M in Leuven is showing Dioramatized #2, a vision and sound installation by Rudi Knoops, produced with the help of FLACC. The exhibition runs until November 27th 2011.
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Rudi Knoops

MULTIPLE voice/vision

The working period at FLACC started after the test recordings of the Allegretto from Boccherini’s Quintet op.41 no. 2 in F major, february 2010. These testrecordings supplied the multiple auditory and visual materials for the installation DIORAMATIZED #01, which has as central concept to ‘render’ each individual layer with a limited­­­­ perspective, both aurally and visually.


Rudi Knoops (artist, MAD-Faculty, campus C-Mine)
Roel Dieltiens (musician, Lemmensinstituut)
Mathy Vanbuel (artist, MAD-Faculty, Campus C-Mine)
Bart Demuyt (director, Alamire Foundation, K.U.Leuven, Research Unit Musicology)
Joachim Brackx (composer)

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