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Mark Kent

Industrial Sound Recordings from Gemaal

For FLACC the artist ventured into unknown territory and designed a three-dimensional pattern based on sound coordinates he recorded during a trip in the Euregio. This three-dimensional pattern consists of an industrially manufactured skeleton and skin structure.


Thank to the exhibition venues
AINCI Maastricht, IKOB Eupen, Kraftzentrale Alsdorf, C-Mine Genk

Assenti NV, Twinplast, CADAC Group BV, VZW De Sluis en FLACC zvw

Thanks to
Jan Bolk, Renate Buxbaum-Calin, Cindy Giegas, Fans De Jong, Francis Feidler, Ann Gielen, Dirk Harsch, Cindy Indeherberge, Sarah Indeherberge, Rene Jannen, William Kars, Nuri Köse, Guido Mertens, François Mylle, Bart Nivelles, Steven Op de Beeck, Lucas Pellens, Hidde Riedijk, Kevin Reynaert, Hans Segers, Rina Simons, Ludo Thys, François Vervaeren en Lily Wang

The project has been co-ordinated by FLACC within the framework of Gemaal, a culturel collaboration in the Euregion between the cities of Genk, Eupen, Maastricht en Alsdorf.

European Community - Interreg III

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