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During the summer, Geert Goiris will also give two intensive workshops in FLACC to a group of selected photography students of the Brussels Sint-Lukas Hogeschool. The results of these working sessions will be incorporated in Philosophy of Photography by Henri Van Lier. This publication, in English, is an initiative of the Lieven Gevaert Centrum and is due to appear in the course of 2007.


Works by Geert Goiris that were created in FLACC are currently part of the following shows: Free-state, in the former Military Hospital in Ostend & ING, Wapenplein, Ostend - Le grand café, Centre d'art contemporain, Saint Nazaire, France - Urban Gallery, Marseille, France.

Geert Goiris, HAP, Jean Bernard Koeman

Holodeck Convention

FLACC will be organising a closed workshop in Genk, in consultation with Goiris. Vincent Lamouroux (1974, Saint Germain-en-Laye, France), Jean Bernard Koeman (1964, Antwerp) and HAP (1999, Aalst): the group of artists Jens De Schutter (1979, Aalst), Piet Mertens (1978, Lokeren) and Wim Waelput (1979, Gent) will reflect on their work together with the photographer, and investigate different possibilities of form and presentation.
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