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Tirzo Martha

Tirzo Martha’s work takes its origin in his humanitarian and social commitment. His need and urgency to create more social and human conditions in the societies brought him to his body of work. Like an anthropologist he investigates the conditions in which people live but he also applies his findings, found together with the people, into possible solutions that he then execute together with them. His work may appear as a composition of found objects with a load of symbolism but on the contrary the objects are carefully sought after, chosen and are the purest reflections of the existence of the people. The composition of these objects not only reflects the daily lives and habits of the people but it also gives an insight in their daily hopes, ambitions, dreams, disappointments and moments of glory.

Instituto Buena Bista

The artists Tirzo Martha and David Bade, together with art historian Nancy Hoffmann, founded the Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) on Curaçao in 2006. The founders of IBB want to provide a platform for contemporary art that simultaneously stimulates awareness and enrichment of the indigenous cultural heritage while introducing to the island new cultural developments from around the world.

The Institute’s core activities consist of organising a visual arts orientation course for talented Curaçaoan youngsters between the ages of 15 and 25, and assigning them to a professional overseas follow-up course in the fine or applied arts. The IBB ensures that the students receive close supervision overseas, but also motivates them to return to Curaçao afterwards. After all, the Institute believes that creative talent and an academic background are necessary to break with the colonial past of the island and build a new society.