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Nick Geboers

War Pigeon Georges, 2016
Sun/Moon Studies, 2015
Camouflage Studies, 2014
Nick Geboers (1987) lives and works in Balen, Belgium. He received a BFA in Photography from Sint Lukas Higher College for Arts and Science Brussels in 2012 and in 2014 a MFA in Photography from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, where he is currently working on a research project titled How To Hunt With The Camera.

As an image-seeker fascinated by the rich history of the medium he is excavating it from the functional to the aesthetic. First and foremost an image maker, he deploys an extensive variety of photographic instruments and techniques. He is also a collector of photographs that were once made for scientific or descriptive purposes but which appear now - when their context has been lost - as enigmatic artefacts.
Nick Geboers combines his own photographs and acquired images in visual constructions which provoke a wide gamut of possible readings. Diverse photographic traditions and their visual specificity suggest different narratives. Switching between the position of an archaeologist and a visual author allows him to work in a free space between hard and soft sciences, hoping to find concrete facts and poetic truths.