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Levi Orta

Levi Orta’s works explores the creative component of politics, focusing on the inaccuracies of the art political boundary. He reproduces mechanisms, strategies and behaviour of political-artistic situations that have been filed, thus highlighting its most subversive undertone; always from a cynical stance that threatens the hegemonic.
Graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte of Havana in 2010, and from Cathedra Arte de Conducta in 2009. Levi’s solo exhibitions include the Servando Art Gallery, Fonderie Darling, Ludwig Foundation and Salle Zero. He has participated in multiple biennials including the Havana Biennial, Pontevedra, Liverpool, Mercosul and The Frontiers. In recent years, Orta has participated in exhibitions in several countries such as Germany, Austria, EEUU, Spain, France, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Croatia, United Kingdom, China, Japan and Cuba.