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Núria Güell

Núria Güell’s work reformulates and deals with the limits of legality, analyses ethics practiced by the Institutions that govern us detecting abuses of power committed through the established legality and hegemonic morality.

Flirting with the established powers, the art world privileges and the complicity with different allies, all of them are the resources on which Núria bases her artistic operations that, dissolved in her own life limits, are developed as disruptive tactics in specific contexts in order to subvert established power relationships.

Graduated in Arts from the University of Barcelona (Spain), continuing her studies at the Behavior Art School in Havana (Cuba) under the direction of Tania Bruguera. Currently she has just finished a residency in the SOMA of Mexico D.F. Her work has been exhibited at the biennial of Havana, Ljubljana, Liverpool, Goteborg as well as in the Triennial of Tallinn, and in museums of Barcelona, The Hague, London, Paris, New York, Eindhoven, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Formigine, Stockholm, Madrid, La Haya, Istanbul, Leipzig, Berlin, Bucharest, Budapest, Bogota, Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Warszawa, Limerick, Dublin, Innsbruck, Vienna, Athens, Linköping, Holon, Zagreb, Cali, Lima, Graz and in self-managed social centres.