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Daan Gielis

Honey, honey (2012)
This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top (2012)
Wabbes live at Mannheim
Daan Gielis (°1988) lives in Antwerp and works in Hasselt. He studied at the MAD-fac in Hasselt and at the St. Joost Academy in Den Bosch (Netherlands), where he earned a master's degree in 2010 and in 2013 respectively.

Gielis tells stories without the story. He works from the conviction that art is a field of feeling, and should remain that way. The works are like different films, combining an intuitive viewing experience with the possible recognition of personal and more universal premises such as the – possible – tension contained in materials, modernist architecture, film, and the confrontation between culture and nature. Technical aspects that surround the story and help lift the narrative to a more intense level are reiterated and refined in his sculptures. The artist sets out in search of an intense story in which the image evidences a complexity that supports multiple viewing layers, giving direction without lapsing into moral statements.

"As with any atmosphere, the work of Gielis is difficult to grasp. No matter how consistent this work may be in the use of explicit materials and the expression of their materiality, there always remains an element of elusiveness. It is as if this work is still trying to formulate its position, has yet to come to terms with its own tension. And we, as spectators, are similarly also trying to find our position toward it.”
Bram Ieven