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Nilsson Pflugfelder

Magnus Nilsson | * 1969 | Lives and works in Berlin and London
Ralf Pflugfelder | * 1975 | Lives and works in London and Berlin

Nilsson Pflugfelder was founded by Magnus Nilsson and Ralf Pflugfelder and is based in Berlin and London. Their practice is situated on the intersection of critical spatial design, architecture, art and discourse. Nilsson Pflugfelder have been specialising in projects where spatial constructs overlap, dissect and frictionally flatten several usually distinct programs into one coherent gesture. They have a few ongoing obsessions: Archives - how virtual and physical knowledge can be prevented from entering the realm of the forgotten and instead be turned into something visible, present and productive. Narratives - as a means of situating their work and practice in a larger context. Wunderkammern / Kunstkammern - in relation to an archival mode of praxis. They have written a number of theoretical papers such as 'Archival Praxis', which will be published in a forthcoming book. They are also interested in the (spatial) aesthetics of utopias, themes they develop sequentially over the course of different shows. Nilsson Pflugfelder work across several media including drawing, painting, sculpture, video and sound. Their often 'scale-less' installations open up the potential interplay between sculpture, physical intervention and sonic design as narrative devices in art.

Magnus Nilsson and Ralf Pflugfelder’s work has been exhibited widely, incuding at Wysing Arts Centre, Performa 11 & 09 Biennials, Kunsthaus Graz, Gwangju Biennale, based in Berlin, Kunstraum Lüneburg, 0047, The Gopher Hole, SKOR, Manifesta 8 Biennial, Program e.V., Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Arnolfini, Lyon Biennial.