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Wim Wauman

Cucurbita fragaria maritima, 2009 Fine Art Print, 120×150 cm
Photographer Wim Wauman (BE, 1976) studied at the KASKA in Antwerp and the HISK in Ghent. Wim Wauman’s work has been shown at (among other places) Contour (Mechelen), Netwerk (Aalst), the Mori Art Museum (Japan) and Spread in Prado (Italy).

As a photographer, Wauman has spent more than ten years collecting fragments of the world as it manifests itself to him. He has always been interested in a whole range of subjects: animals and landscapes, still lifes and (architectural) constructions, even man, frequently in relation to his surroundings. Look closely at his pictures and you may detect the subtle games he plays with pictorial conventions and photographic traditions. His photographs endeavour to re-evaluate the marginalized image and visualize the extraordinary character of our world. Other characteristics of his photographic practice are reflected in the titles under which the works are grouped. Untitled Stories (2000 – to date) underlines the rejection of a specific humanistic or narrative context. Pieces Of Paradise (2001-2008) presupposes an idealizing view of reality, or its negation.