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Katie Lagast

Pavement I - keramiek - 2008
Katie Lagast (1967, BE) studied Ceramics at Sint Lukas (Ghent) and at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts (Berchem) and Film & Video at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp).

Shadow - videoprojectie - 2010
Her work is usually site-specific and is grafted onto contemporary urban life. Architecture and urban development are therefore key themes in her oeuvre. She takes urban elements (a street map, a façade, a pavement) out of their normal context and integrates them in a new (artistic) environment, thereby creating an element of surprise and bewilderment.

In her work she investigates the city, which is made up of uniform elements that together form an entity. She is particularly interested in commonplace elements that are so ordinary they are often overlooked. Lagast archives them through her casts and thus saves them from oblivion.