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Riccardo Fabiani

Go West, performance 2 trained ducks, a fan, 2008
Riccardo Fabiani is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy, Department of Visual Arts, with a special mention. He lives and works in Milan. In his work he explores the relationships between art, society and individual.

In the past few years he joined several foreing art groups and workshops in Europe and Eastern Countries (Ireland, Armenia and Serbia). Each of them have signed a major turning point for his production.
Seven nights of dreams or a sexual intercourse of two bodies on a greased metal plate are the marks of time upon reality; doomed to fade away.
The slide of a little bear, trapped into a white snowy space and falling forever, without the relief of death.
An exploration of a city that keeps growing, and that subsists only in a virtual space.
Two trained ducks that are trying to migrate to west, but only flying against a giant fan, without the chance to get anywhere.