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Wobbe Micha

O - shape in plaster, no tittle, 2010
Wobbe Micha (1985, BE) studied at Sint-Lukas Brussels.
He sees the Ionic capital as a measure for everything, as the principle from which all actions and forms derive. A photograph of an Ionic capital which seemed to float and move through the space (but was actually hanging from a wire), was the starting point for an investigation in which actions and gestures gradually took on meaning. These gestures moved in parallel with a preceding moment that had been shaped. The movement had more than an indicative meaning in the action as a whole and could have a specific substance of its own. Further specifications were added to the action, emphasizing the documentary aspect of the investigation into its coherence. The range of the gestures in question was checked through the space, adjustments made to the proportions and the whole thing given plausibility.