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Isoje Chou

Isoje Chou (CA, Isoje Iyi-Eweka Chou) was born in Kano, Nigeria to Chinese/Nigerian parents (Zhou and Iyi-Eweka). She works in video, drawing, painting, sculpture, performance and writing.

In 2006, Isoje obtained a Masters of Arts degree from York University, Toronto, Canada. Her work has been exhibited internationally including the USA, Mali, France, Belgium and South Africa.

Isoje Chou participated in the 2010 SCHUNCK*NL's Fluorescent Adolescent (7th International Biennial of Photography and Visual Arts in Liège), the 2009 BAMAKO Biennale as well as the Johannesburg International Art Fair 2008 in South Africa. Her work is part of “Pool of Possibilities, Mapping Currents” for the Third Guangzhou Triennial. Her videos are sometimes shown by roARoTorio France with the recent showing “Fake Cinema” in 2008 at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

Her writing has recently appeared in Chimurenga and African Cities Reader.

On April 21 2010, she launch the art action collectif, thanksthanksafrica, on online on that day and later by proxy at the 2010 Focus Contemporary Art Africa in Basel Switzerland.