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Rä di Martino

La Camera
NOT 360
In September the shooting of a 16mm film by Rä di Martino (1975, Rome, Italy) starts at FLACC. The movie ‘Singing the news' (working title), is conceived as a tableau vivant based on a scene from Billy Wilder’s classic 'The Lost Weekend' (1945). After a characteristic cinematographic opening scene the actors start singing that shooting day’s news, announcing the date as well. The news bulletin is shortened, but the structure is kept and turned into a canon, which will be composed by Mauro Remiddi. The first voice starts to sing and thereupon the melody is successively taken over by the other voice. Di Martino is supported by the expertise of Allessandro Chiodo as director of photography and the actress Maya Sansa.
With her film and video work the artist moves in the borderland of our personal and collective memories. She analyses how media and literature are subconsciously and permanently influencing our existence and are changing it into a fictitious story line. Di Martino's technically sophisticated films are also a specific critique of film history as a prominent art form. Recently, work by Rä Di Martino was shown in the Monitor Gallery (Rome), Tate Modern (London) and PS1 (New York). At the moment her movie ‘The Dancing Kid’ can be seen at Manifesta 7 in Rovereto.
The artist is also creating a new publication in the series ‘Works that could be mine & works that I would like to be mine’, together with the artists that will be invited by FLACC this year.

There will be a film programme by Rä di Martino in FLACC on Saturday 13 September at 20.00 hours. By screening an overview of a dozen films, Rä di Martino will personally illuminate her work.