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Jimmy Robert

In 2007 the first artist to start in FLACC is Jimmy Robert (1975, Guadeloupe). The versatile artist will not develop a temporary and well-defined project in the centre, but has promised a year-long commitment made up of frequent yet short spells of work. In Genk Robert is to create sculptures, prints, installations as well as performances in which he will be studying the relationship between dance and the visual arts. Besides setting up a public film programme, he will also develop more intimate visual moments. The first presentation is planned for Thursday 8 March at 7 p.m. in FLACC. For this event Jimmy Robert has invited dancer Werner Nigg (1978, Switzerland) to develop a choreography together, based on a fragile metal sculpture. In the performance, titled Metallica, the dancer's body follows the forms, layers, lines and folds of the object. The piece will be performed in the metal workshop where the metal sheets were folded to achieve their final shape, commenting at once on masculinity and the idea of work force versus fragility, manual labour against mannerism.
Jimmy Robert studied at Goldsmiths’ College (London), was a resident artist at the Rijksacademie (Amsterdam) and recently showed his work at the Tate Britain (London), Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Recently the artist moved to live in Brussels.