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Mark Kent

Meticulously Mark Kent (1972, Cork, Ireland) designs abstract patterns. These patterns are mainly presented in three-dimensional forms such as mural paintings or prints on canvas, wallpaper and textiles. Because of the imperfect and asymmetrical system the spectator's eyes keep dancing over the surface, vainly looking for harmony. The basis for the patterns is life itself. Kent fanatically stores the coordinates surrounding him and applies them to his designs. The above installation 'Rough Sleeping Patterns', which he recently presented at the 'House Trip' exhibition of Art Forum Berlin, was the fruit of a biking trip in Norway, during which Kent gleaned geographical coordinates. For FLACC the artist ventured into unknown territory and designed a three-dimensional pattern based on sound coordinates he recorded during a trip in the Euregio. This three-dimensional pattern consists of an industrially manufactured skeleton and skin structure. The result is a modular monument that is travelling around in the Euregio and is assembled in various forms depending on the respective sound recordings. In March 2008 the installation will be shown in consecutive weekends in Alsdorf, Maastricht, Eupen and Genk. Mark Kent recently showed his work at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, at Art Forum, Berlin and at Conrads Galerie, Düsseldorf. The project will be realised within the framework of Gemaal, an interregional collaboration in the Maas Rhine Euregio between the cities of Alsdorf, Eupen, Genk and Maastricht. More info soon at