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Sarah Vanagt

How sensitive are the historical and political feelers of children who grow up in one of the most affluent regions in the world? In FLACC Sarah Vanagt(b. 1976, Bruges) continues her study of how children imagine Belgium's colonial past. Following Little Figures (2003) and the documentary film, Begin Began Begun (2005) she presented Les Mouchoirs de Kabila in 2006. In this video film, which she made in Goma, a town on the border of Eastern Congo, children build a miniature city. They also spontaneously put together little plays that refer to recent political developments in the Congo. The approaching elections - the first democratic elections to be held since the Congo became independent in 1960 - play a central role here. Clearly the children in Goma are remarkably well able to portray and explore the rifts in Congolese society today.