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Call for Applications

The call is open for all visual artists. Due to the diversity of our workshops, the application is open for projects in various media and disciplines. Projects with interest in artistic labour, challenging the notion of a 'workplace' or with a focus on experiment are preferable. The work period is three-month full time or around 90 days, divided in several smaller work periods between February 2018 and December 2018. FLACC offers an accommodation, a workplace, covered travel expenses as well as a small production budget.
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Edition Sofie Van der Linden for FLACC friends

In the frame of the project Coin Perdu Sofie Van der Linden made sketches of the fragmented Genk landscape. She worked on this project at FLACC in 2014. Based on her memories of her working period Van der Linden has realized 20 different original drawings that render her impressions of the workplace. These drawings are the artwork of the year for FLACC&Friends extended.

Become member of FLACC&Friends extended and receive one of Sophie Van der Linden’s original pencil drawings. (while supplies last)

For more information, please contact Sarah Indeherberge at or call #32 89 845223.